Ape Classic. The partner who you can depend on

The unmistakable look and surprising performance specifications, for example the loading capacity of 750 kg, combine to offer a unique mix of form and function that render Ape Classic the ideal vehicle for urban transport applications, as well as an inimitable mobile retail outlet.

Thanks to its extreme flexibility, Ape Classic represents the ideal solution for the most recent trends, such as the street food sector. Capable of rendering any activity not only instantly recognisable, but also of lending an air of quality and prestige, Ape Classic provides the ideal backdrop to any type of street vending business, from traditional products such as coffee, ice cream and pizza, to regional and national specialities and niche sectors such as local delicacies and ethnic cuisine.

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Piaggio APE Classic Pianale

Magnificent Economic Management

The perfect companion for developing your own sales business, the Ape Classic Pianale stands out for its versatility, agility and sturdiness (up to 750 kg payload).

From the moving shop to quality street food: Ape Classic is able to enhance any form of set-up from the traditional to the most sophisticated. The extraordinary compactness and cost-effectiveness of management make it a winning ally also for short-haul material transport.


Original & Practical

Unique for the bodywork with a vintage flavor, Ape Classic Furgone stands out for its elegant and inimitable style. Thanks to the 675 kg capacity and the large and fully usable compartment of 2 m³ , it is able to meet the need for transport and delivery in urban areas, placing itself at the top of the short-haul category.

With Ape Classic Van it is possible to customize your business in an original way thanks to the predisposition for the facilitated application of advertising panels on the side panels which are also made of a wearable material. Original outside, functional inside thanks to the threaded inserts positioned along the structure of the box that allow the installation of shelves useful for the distribution of the work material and to facilitate unloading operations.

Piaggio APE με Καρότσα

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