Easy to use with high performance

With a total length of just 3.5 m and extraordinary manoeuvrability, it can reach even the most cramped, inaccessible locations, but can still carry objects up to approximately 2 m in length and up to 605 kg of payload. The 29 cm high alloy dropsides and tailboard, which fold down on three sides of the deck, a load threshold just 72 cm from the ground and the flat, even surface of the deck itself make loading and unloading significantly easier, even when using mechanical loading equipment.

Equipped with a modern and performing Euro 6 petrol engine Porter EL represents the ideal solution for internal circulation purposes, for farms, construction companies, artisans and, generally speaking, for any professional who prevalently works in urban contexts and needs a compact vehicle able to match efficiency and economy.

Brochure (PDF) – Features & Technical Specifications

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