Zero emissions

Since its debut in 1995, the Porter ElectricPower has been the benchmark for zero emissions commercial vehicles. Ideal for all transport, service and express courier applications in the urban environment, the Porter ElectricPower has now been revised with significant technical improvements. The new electric motor with separate energising circuit, together with the optimised control driver and signal transmission wiring and software, ensures increased smoothness and comfort: precise power control during starting and pickup, less heat generation, more efficient management of the available energy, and more indication of vehicle speed and other parameters necessary for vehicle management and maintenance.

• Load capacity: 470 Kg
• Load volume of over 3 m3 with sliding doors on both sides as standard

Brochure (PDF) – Features & Technical Specifications

Information – Test Drive

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Piaggio Porter Ηλεκτρικό Κλειστού Τύπου Κόκκινο


The ideal vehicle for goods deliveries in city centres, and for cleaning businesses, plumbers, electricians, welders, carpenters and florists. The cargo bay offers 3 m³ of load volume and can carry up to 730 Kg, while the flat, even surface of the floor means that every inch of space can be used effectively. Last but not least, two sliding doors (offered as standard) and a tailgate ensure all-round accessibility.

Available as the following versions:

– With a choice of Multitech petrol engine or Ecopower petrol/LPG bifuel engine.

– With reduced load capacity (for a GVW of 1.5 tonnes) for even lower running costs.

Piaggio Porter Ηλεκτρικό Κλειστού Τύπου με Τζάμια Άσπρο


Capable of carrying up to four occupants and still offering 1.4 m³ of cargo space – a truly impressive feat for a vehicle just 3.4 m in length.

The most practical, function solution for short range combined goods-passenger transport. Ideal for hospitals, clinics, voluntary associations, tour organisers and as a shuttle for hotels and resorts.

Capable of carrying up to four occupants and still offering 1.4 m³ of cargo space – a truly impressive feat for a vehicle just 3.4 m in length.

Piaggio Porter Κλειστού Τύπου Εξοπλισμός


With its excellent load capacity and generous cargo volume, combined with a regularly shaped load bay that can easily be converted to any configuration, Porter is the perfect base for the most common van upfits.

Some of the most popular applications for this version include:

HACCP compliant insulated transport
Mobile workshop
Refrigerated goods transport

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