• Piaggio Porter NP6 - Αφοί Λιάπη Αντιπροσωπεία

More space for your cargo

Conceived to offer all the space you need for any job, the Porter NP6 Fixed Deck is the ideal version for any professional who needs a load bed where every inch can be used effectively and with superlative performance (up to 1.440 kg cargo capacity). Heavy and bulky loads are no problem: easy access to the entire cargo area and practical anchorage systems make transporting simple and safe.

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Information – Test Drive

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    Piaggio Porter NP6 Deck - Single Wheel


    The compact dimensions (just 1640 mm in width) and semi cab-over configuration of the cab ensure the superlative manoeuvrability needed to get the job done even in the narrowest streets and alleys of the city centre.

    Piaggio Porter NP6 Deck - Two Wheels


    The rugged steel spar frame, combined with the advantages of the fully usable cargo compartment, guarantees extraordinary performance in terms of load carrying, reaching a value of more than 1,400 Kg of effective capacity.